Sophisticated Scrolling Text in Latest DisplayIt! Revision

Scrolling text performance has long been a sore spot within DisplayIt!. Because many of our clients use low-cost, small form factor computers, text playback was jerky when the computer was trying to start a digital video or transition to a new PowerPoint presentation. Instead of just solving this problem, we decided to go all the way, and make text more flexible and attractive at the same time.

Beginning with Revision 3.2v17 of DisplayIt! – which is available now – text scrolling will be vertical, rather than horizontal. That means each line of text will scroll up from underneath, rather than across the screen. This effect is easy for just about any player computer, regardless of the CPU.

Sometimes, especially when displaying RSS feeds of news, weather or sports, a line of text may be too long to fit in the text bar. In those cases, that particular line will scroll across the screen, and then the vertical scrolling will continue with the next line.

We have also added a Font button to the Template screen in DisplayIt! This allows you to set the Font, Style, Size and Color of text for each template. The only limitation is that the fonts you select must also be available on the player computer(s).

Full-Screen-Playlists have also been improved, now allowing each item to have individual timing associated with it. So, you can show a PowerPoint show once, or several times, then go to an image, or web site for a specific time period, and then to a digital video or Flash file. Each of them has its own time associated with it, so you can precisely control what is shown, and when.

This new revision is available free of charge to our maintenance clients, and for a $300 upgrade fee for clients who are not under maintenance and upgrading from revision 3.1 or earlier.

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