Revision 3.3v04 of DisplayIt! adds text to Full Screen Playlists!

One of the most popular templates within DisplayIt! is the Full Screen Playlist because it allows users to mix different types of media into a single Presentation.  For example a JPG image might be followed by an AVI digital video, and then a PowerPoint, and then a Flash movie and a view of some statistics from a web page.  Each of the elements can be set to a specific timing, in minutes and seconds.  But customers have consistently requested a text bar at the bottom in addition to all of the above.

Now, with Revision 3.3v04 of DisplayIt! the Full Screen Playlist With Text is a reality.  The text bar floats over all the other content, and displays the time, date, text that a user typed in, and text from various RSS feeds.

The color, font, font style, and size of the text can all be defined for the Presentation.  In addition, the text bar graphic may be one of 50 choices built into the software.  Also as of this revision, text can be always scrolled across from right to left, or can scroll up onto the bar if it is short enough to fit.  The user can choose which option via a checkbox.

Now, both the Full Screen Playlist and the Full Screen Playlist With Text, can be set to play only once, or play continuously in a loop.  The play once option is perfect for customers that want to tightly control the timing of their Scheduled Presentations, without having leftover media get played partially when time runs out.

3.3v04 also has some convenience features, like not having to confirm the re-saving of a Presentation each time.

Upgrade now for only $300.  Of course our maintenance clients and new clients (within 90 days) get this update at no charge.  If you do not have a maintenance plan, they are available at $500 for one year or $750 for two years, and save you a lot of money if you are taking advantage of our updates.  Best Wave has traditionally updated DisplayIt! four or more time every year!

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