ReserveIt! Now Supports Google Calendars!

A long awaited update to ReserveIt! allows companies that use Google Calendars to  seamlessly display the agenda for the day outside of each meeting room.  Companies no longer have to invest in large server and software infrastructure to manage and display their agendas.

A separate Google Calendar should be set up for each meeting room.  Events in that calendar are scheduled via Google on a desktop, laptop, or smartphone.  No change there! Then ReserveIt! imports the calendar information every update cycle and produces an artist-quality agenda for each meeting room.  The background, title, sub-title, and footer text can all be set up in a matter of minutes to match any corporate look.  Update cycles can be set from 1 to 10 minutes apart, so that every room agenda display is accurate and timely.

ReserveIt! requires the installation of Outlook Personal Edition ($110) on the computer running ReserveIt!.  No other software is required.  ReserveIt! uses Outlook as a go-between, bridging the internal format of Google Calendars with the input format expected by ReserveIt!.  The link between the two is the Google Calendar Private ICAL URL, which can be found and copied from the calendar settings page.  The Google Calendar does not have to be open for the link to work.

ReserveIt! systems are infinitely less expensive that other systems in this category.  Permanent software licenses for ReserveIt! are as low as $105 per display, and the SMIL media players and screens that are used with ReserveIt! are also inexpensive.  Two major vendors are ViewSonic Corporation ( and IADea Corporation (  These products are available from computer, AV, and online resellers such as CDW and MicroAge.

Google Calendar features, such as recurring events, and “Private” meeting status, are fully supported.  A free trial of ReserveIt! is available on the Products > ReserveIt! tab of this web site.

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