Custom weather Flash movie for DisplayIt! available now!

Weather forecast for any location only $50.
Many of our DisplayIt! customers have asked for a more colorful and informative weather display than the free one that comes from the National Weather Service.
So Best Wave is now offering a custom weather Flash movie for any location.
Let us know the city, state, and zip code, along with the width and height you would like the weather forecast to be.
You can send us a JPG to use as a background, or we will supply a “blue sky” background for no additional charge.

E-mail us today to get more information or to place an order for your custom weather display.

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DisplayIt! 3.3 Brings Powerful New Functionality!

DisplayIt! digital sign software from Best Wave now supports video streaming using low-cost equipment and software.

For the first time, users can connect a cable box, television camera, DVD player, or any other audio/video source to their LAN and stream the content to all of their digital signs.

Prior to this, hardware typically costing more than $7,000 was needed to create a stream from an outside source.

Now, with revision 3.3 of DisplayIt! clients can use VLC Media Player (an open source software program) and a video capture card on any computer to create a stream.

Revision 3.3 also introduces “Hot” folder updating. This allows people within an organization to update a digital sign’s content without even opening the DisplayIt! software!

They simply drop updated content into a presentation’s folder (or a desktop shortcut that points to that folder) and the update happens automatically.
This feature brings a new level of simplicity to updating of digital sign content. For example, a user can simply change a PowerPoint or Flypaper presentation and drop the new version into a folder. Done!

News and weather feeds are also handled more efficiently by revision 3.3.
Updates now occur every 4 minutes, and are handled by a separate process so that they do not impact the on-screen presentation.

DI Now! has also been improved to allow a specific amount of time to be specified when a presentation is sent to a display.

This allows the user to decide if they want the material on the screen for a few minutes or a few hours, without opening the DisplayIt! interface.
The same functionality is also in DisplayIt’s presentation preview function.
Before, previews always lasted 6 minutes, but now they can be set to whatever time makes sense.

Best Wave’s maintenance clients, and anyone who has purchased a license within the past 90 days, will receive this massive new update for free!
For others, the upgrade is a flat fee of $300, regardless of the number of displays they have in use.

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Announcing ReserveIt! 2.0 with Portrait Mode

Since the introduction of ReserveIt! two years ago, we have received numerous requests to add portrait display support. Now, with ReserveIt! 2.0, that request is reality.

The most important use of this new feature is to place a large format display in the lobby or entrance area of a building with the combined agenda from all conference rooms. This display can be shown on any large-format portrait LCD, or most elegantly on the Viewsonic E-Poster displays like the one shown here.

Viewsonic E-Poster Display

ReserveIt! 2.0 also allows advertising and promotional images to be shown along with the agenda, both on the individual room displays outside of every conference room, and on the large screen in the lobby. More than one image, in JPG or BMP format may be attached to any agenda item within your Outlook or other calendar system. ReserveIt! can even distinguish which images are to be shown on the individual room displays and which are meant for the all-rooms display. This allows the use of different ads for each location.

We have also added word wrapping to events shown in all orientations and formats. This accommodates long event names cleanly and allows you to convey more information to your guests about each event.

Try out ReserveIt! today. You will love its simplicity, power, and low cost.

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Sophisticated Scrolling Text in Latest DisplayIt! Revision

Scrolling text performance has long been a sore spot within DisplayIt!. Because many of our clients use low-cost, small form factor computers, text playback was jerky when the computer was trying to start a digital video or transition to a new PowerPoint presentation. Instead of just solving this problem, we decided to go all the way, and make text more flexible and attractive at the same time.

Beginning with Revision 3.2v17 of DisplayIt! – which is available now – text scrolling will be vertical, rather than horizontal. That means each line of text will scroll up from underneath, rather than across the screen. This effect is easy for just about any player computer, regardless of the CPU.

Sometimes, especially when displaying RSS feeds of news, weather or sports, a line of text may be too long to fit in the text bar. In those cases, that particular line will scroll across the screen, and then the vertical scrolling will continue with the next line.

We have also added a Font button to the Template screen in DisplayIt! This allows you to set the Font, Style, Size and Color of text for each template. The only limitation is that the fonts you select must also be available on the player computer(s).

Full-Screen-Playlists have also been improved, now allowing each item to have individual timing associated with it. So, you can show a PowerPoint show once, or several times, then go to an image, or web site for a specific time period, and then to a digital video or Flash file. Each of them has its own time associated with it, so you can precisely control what is shown, and when.

This new revision is available free of charge to our maintenance clients, and for a $300 upgrade fee for clients who are not under maintenance and upgrading from revision 3.1 or earlier.

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DisplayIt! 3.2v15 adds new features

Release 3.2v15 of DisplayIt! had a lot more packed inside than a typical small “point revision” does. This release includes the ability to set individual timings for each item in a “Full-Screen-Playlist” presentation. Why is that so important?

Before, every image file in the list would be shown a specific number of seconds. Same for every Flash movie, or PowerPoint presentation, and even web pages all got the same treatment as each other. Our clients asked for more flexibility, and v15 delivers!

As items are added to the playlist, they are timed according to the default timing for that category – which you can change at will. For example, images might all be set to 10 seconds as a default. You will see the timing at the left side of the image, in mm:ss format.

But now, after an image is in the list, you can click on the timing and a window pops up allowing you to set the time for just this item to whatever you want. Now, a slide show can breeze through slide after slide, but linger on a slide that has a lot of text or an important visual message. The same is true for PowerPoint presentations, Flash movies, and web pages.

The added benefit, for web pages, is that when the time is reached, they will refresh. So if all you have is a single web page, and you want it to be automatically refreshed every 3 minutes, you can do that in one step.

We also added the ability to ‘lease’ rather than purchase the software. This was in response to some start-up companies who could not afford fully paid licenses. We have not yet announced the monthly amount per media player for the lease option, but plan to do so soon.

Another great change is that all the buttons on the bottom of the DisplayIt! interface have been moved higher. This allows people using monitors with a 768 vertical resolution to see the buttons clearly.

We also moved the “Update Media Player Software” function to its own button on the Displays page. Before, when you made any change to a media player, no matter how small, you were asked if you wanted to update the software. A lot of clients got confused by this, and clicked Yes – triggering an update and restart cycle that was totally unnecessary. Now, the update function is on a red button, so it is easy to know that it is a non-typical function, and easy to avoid accidentally updating.

If you are wondering what is coming next… the key word is ‘Gadgets’ – more later….

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