New – QueueIt! Waiting List System

QueueIt! from Best Wave is a fast, inexpensive and simple way to display one or more waiting lists in your lobby or waiting area.

One or more hosts can enter new guests simultaneously from any Windows workstation computer.  It is simple to add, or serve any guest in any queue.  QueueIt! automatically selects the next guest in line to be served, but the host can easily select anyone else in the queue if the need for an exception should arise.

The wait time for each guest in the queue is calculated from the average service time that is being experienced for that particular waiting list.

Waiting lists can be displayed on any web browser, or through SMIL based media players such as the NMP-570 from ViewSonic.  They can also be shown on inexpensive 10-inch media player and screen combination units such as the ViewSonic EP1020r.

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