New pricing introduced!

Although the pricing for Best Wave software products has historically been a tremendous value, we decided that we would introduce new, lower prices before the Digital Sign Expo in Las Vegas.

Among the changes, we eliminated the DisplayIt! Premium upgrade.  This was confusing for our prospective customers and generated a lot of questions… what is the difference between standard and premium.  So we simply made all installations of DisplayIt! Premium!  That saves $300 over the old published price.

We also added a new software product from our partner, Flypaper, Inc.  We offer Flypaper Digital Signage Edition for DisplayIt! clients at a discount over normal pricing.  The day we announced it, two clients purchased Flypaper from us!

In addition, you will see our new product, QueueIt! appears on the price list now, and the same price point as ReserveIt!.  Depending on how many waiting lists you want to manage, you can select a 3-pack, 6-pack, 12-pack or 24-pack.  The price per waiting list is only $150, and that is a fully paid perpetual license!

We also made the DisplayIt! configuration diagram more clear, showing that each media player in a DisplayIt! network can have different content playing than any of the others.  We also show how several display screens can be connected to a single player without any added software licensing.  Of course those screens all display the same content.

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