Introducing DisplayIt!X

When people see the new DisplayIt!X product, they say one thing… “Why didn’t anyone come up with this before?”

DisplayIt!X is simply the easiest way to manage a network of digital signs ever created.  It has no user interface.  That’s right!  No user interface.  Signs are managed by creating events in an Outlook Calendar, and attaching media files to the events.  Done.

DisplayIt!X works with both Outlook Exchange Server, and Outlook Personal Edition, so you can manage one sign or one thousand.  And for customers that do not use Outlook, the Windows file system can be used to place media directly into a folder for updating.

DisplayIt!X supports an amazing array of media types, including PowerPoint, Flash, Flypaper, all popular image formats, all popular digital video formats, and even PDF!

Like other Best Wave products, the price of DisplayIt!X includes lifetime support. Updates are offered via Best Wave’s inexpensive maintenance plans, and are totally automatic so remote digital signs do not have to be touched for the update to occur.

Existing Best Wave customers are being offered an inexpensive upgrade path to DisplayIt!X through the end of 2014.

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