DisplayIt! 3.3 Brings Powerful New Functionality!

DisplayIt! digital sign software from Best Wave now supports video streaming using low-cost equipment and software.

For the first time, users can connect a cable box, television camera, DVD player, or any other audio/video source to their LAN and stream the content to all of their digital signs.

Prior to this, hardware typically costing more than $7,000 was needed to create a stream from an outside source.

Now, with revision 3.3 of DisplayIt! clients can use VLC Media Player (an open source software program) and a video capture card on any computer to create a stream.

Revision 3.3 also introduces “Hot” folder updating. This allows people within an organization to update a digital sign’s content without even opening the DisplayIt! software!

They simply drop updated content into a presentation’s folder (or a desktop shortcut that points to that folder) and the update happens automatically.
This feature brings a new level of simplicity to updating of digital sign content. For example, a user can simply change a PowerPoint or Flypaper presentation and drop the new version into a folder. Done!

News and weather feeds are also handled more efficiently by revision 3.3.
Updates now occur every 4 minutes, and are handled by a separate process so that they do not impact the on-screen presentation.

DI Now! has also been improved to allow a specific amount of time to be specified when a presentation is sent to a display.

This allows the user to decide if they want the material on the screen for a few minutes or a few hours, without opening the DisplayIt! interface.
The same functionality is also in DisplayIt’s presentation preview function.
Before, previews always lasted 6 minutes, but now they can be set to whatever time makes sense.

Best Wave’s maintenance clients, and anyone who has purchased a license within the past 90 days, will receive this massive new update for free!
For others, the upgrade is a flat fee of $300, regardless of the number of displays they have in use.

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