Announcing DisplayIt!Xpress Revision 3

Best Wave’s DisplayIt!X has been completely upgraded with a new, modern user interface and rebranded as DisplayIt!Xpress. The new name highlights the philosophy upon which this product was built: to make digital signage simple, quick, easy and affordable for businesses of all sizes.

The latest version of DisplayIt!Xpress features significant upgrades including improved video playback and an impressive array of ‘Widgets’ like the new analog clock which can feature the client logo in its face.

Recent DisplayIt!X customers have received automatic updates to their media player and management console software. Others may be eligible for a discounted upgrade. Please contact Best Wave at or 480-368-8900 with any sales inquiries, support questions, or to find out if DisplayIt!Xpress is a fit for your business needs.

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DisplayIt!Xpress in Quick Service Restaurant Magazine

Our new DisplayIt!Xpress software was featured in the recent Digital Signage for Quick Service Restaurants special edition of Digital Signage Magazine. The article, as it appeared in this industry leading publication, follows:

Best Wave, developer of digital signage software solutions, has announced the latest release of DisplayIt!Xpress, with new artist-designed templates for Quick Service Restaurant menus. The latest in the DisplayIt! product line, DisplayIt!Xpress has been designed in response to  demand for a more user-friendly digital signage solution. Businesses of any size, from local mom-and-pop shops to international brands, can develop, manage and update their signage content in-house, without the need for extensive marketing resources and IT support. Now including customizable menu templates, DisplayIt!Xpress meets the unique needs of the  restaurant industry.

DisplayIt!Xpress makes it easy to create stunning digital
signage from a simple PowerPoint presentation. Features such
as timing, effects and animations are all preserved. The software
accommodates all standard content types including Flash,
HTML5, Excel spreadsheets and other media files. Without
relying on costly outside resources, users can develop slide shows,
video, animation, charts, and other digital assets using their preferred
content creation tools. Businesses can save time and money
by using existing content which is compatible with the software.

The latest release of DisplayIt!Xpress includes PowerPoint
templates professionally designed by graphic artists for the restaurant industry. The fully customizable templates support
both itemized lists and picture menus. Dynamic photo areas can
accommodate time-sensitive promotions and up-to-the-minute
menu changes. Restaurant owners can create and update menus
easily using familiar tools. The software also includes on-screen
widgets such as clocks, weather, calendar, and scrolling text for
news feeds, product specials and announcements.

DisplayIt!Xpress lets customers update content on-the-fly,
as often as needed, with no surcharges. Unlike competitors
who utilize a “software-as-a-service” model, Best Wave offers a
straightforward one-time product purchase with lifetime support.
Software licenses are available on a per-display basis, providing
small- and medium-sized businesses a low upfront cost and a scalable
solution that can grow to meet future demands.

The management console runs on any Windows-based PC.
Users update content via USB flash drives, local area networks,
Wi-Fi networks or cloud storage such as Google Drive. Utilizing
low-cost or free cloud storage services offers the ability to remotely
update content, with all the benefits of a worldwide “wide area
network.” A single management console can accommodate hundreds
of displays. The convenient “Find Display” feature automatically
detects compatible displays on a network.

Robust scheduling features allow for “day-parting,” so restaurant
owners can offer different promotions at any time of day, week or
month. Menu specials can be scheduled by date for holidays and special
events. Unique menus for every day of the week are easy to schedule,
and content can be scheduled months or even years in advance.
Best Wave offers a free thirty-day trial for evaluation.

DisplayIt!Xpress and other Best Wave products are available from
your preferred computer reseller or AV integrator, online at BestWave.
com, or from commercial display manufacturer ViewSonic.
Contact Best Wave at or 480-368-8900.

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Introducing DisplayIt!X

When people see the new DisplayIt!X product, they say one thing… “Why didn’t anyone come up with this before?”

DisplayIt!X is simply the easiest way to manage a network of digital signs ever created.  It has no user interface.  That’s right!  No user interface.  Signs are managed by creating events in an Outlook Calendar, and attaching media files to the events.  Done.

DisplayIt!X works with both Outlook Exchange Server, and Outlook Personal Edition, so you can manage one sign or one thousand.  And for customers that do not use Outlook, the Windows file system can be used to place media directly into a folder for updating.

DisplayIt!X supports an amazing array of media types, including PowerPoint, Flash, Flypaper, all popular image formats, all popular digital video formats, and even PDF!

Like other Best Wave products, the price of DisplayIt!X includes lifetime support. Updates are offered via Best Wave’s inexpensive maintenance plans, and are totally automatic so remote digital signs do not have to be touched for the update to occur.

Existing Best Wave customers are being offered an inexpensive upgrade path to DisplayIt!X through the end of 2014.

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ReserveIt! Now Supports Google Calendars!

A long awaited update to ReserveIt! allows companies that use Google Calendars to  seamlessly display the agenda for the day outside of each meeting room.  Companies no longer have to invest in large server and software infrastructure to manage and display their agendas.

A separate Google Calendar should be set up for each meeting room.  Events in that calendar are scheduled via Google on a desktop, laptop, or smartphone.  No change there! Then ReserveIt! imports the calendar information every update cycle and produces an artist-quality agenda for each meeting room.  The background, title, sub-title, and footer text can all be set up in a matter of minutes to match any corporate look.  Update cycles can be set from 1 to 10 minutes apart, so that every room agenda display is accurate and timely.

ReserveIt! requires the installation of Outlook Personal Edition ($110) on the computer running ReserveIt!.  No other software is required.  ReserveIt! uses Outlook as a go-between, bridging the internal format of Google Calendars with the input format expected by ReserveIt!.  The link between the two is the Google Calendar Private ICAL URL, which can be found and copied from the calendar settings page.  The Google Calendar does not have to be open for the link to work.

ReserveIt! systems are infinitely less expensive that other systems in this category.  Permanent software licenses for ReserveIt! are as low as $105 per display, and the SMIL media players and screens that are used with ReserveIt! are also inexpensive.  Two major vendors are ViewSonic Corporation ( and IADea Corporation (  These products are available from computer, AV, and online resellers such as CDW and MicroAge.

Google Calendar features, such as recurring events, and “Private” meeting status, are fully supported.  A free trial of ReserveIt! is available on the Products > ReserveIt! tab of this web site.

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Revision 3.3v04 of DisplayIt! adds text to Full Screen Playlists!

One of the most popular templates within DisplayIt! is the Full Screen Playlist because it allows users to mix different types of media into a single Presentation.  For example a JPG image might be followed by an AVI digital video, and then a PowerPoint, and then a Flash movie and a view of some statistics from a web page.  Each of the elements can be set to a specific timing, in minutes and seconds.  But customers have consistently requested a text bar at the bottom in addition to all of the above.

Now, with Revision 3.3v04 of DisplayIt! the Full Screen Playlist With Text is a reality.  The text bar floats over all the other content, and displays the time, date, text that a user typed in, and text from various RSS feeds.

The color, font, font style, and size of the text can all be defined for the Presentation.  In addition, the text bar graphic may be one of 50 choices built into the software.  Also as of this revision, text can be always scrolled across from right to left, or can scroll up onto the bar if it is short enough to fit.  The user can choose which option via a checkbox.

Now, both the Full Screen Playlist and the Full Screen Playlist With Text, can be set to play only once, or play continuously in a loop.  The play once option is perfect for customers that want to tightly control the timing of their Scheduled Presentations, without having leftover media get played partially when time runs out.

3.3v04 also has some convenience features, like not having to confirm the re-saving of a Presentation each time.

Upgrade now for only $300.  Of course our maintenance clients and new clients (within 90 days) get this update at no charge.  If you do not have a maintenance plan, they are available at $500 for one year or $750 for two years, and save you a lot of money if you are taking advantage of our updates.  Best Wave has traditionally updated DisplayIt! four or more time every year!

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