ExploreIt! - An engaging location guide driven by GPS technology!

ExploreIt! is like having the most informative guide in the world walk right next to you as you visit a Zoo, Trail, Garden or other outdoor venue.

ExploreIt! increases guest satisfaction, lengthens visits, while providing management with valuable reporting for marketing and planning.

Because it is driven by GPS technology, guests simply walk around triggering attraction info as they approach. They can even keep their phones in their purse or pocket and listen via earbuds.

ExploreIt! supports multiple levels of information, for example Youth, Adult, and Teacher. For example, teachers can inform their class as they tour, providing students with insights and key facts to remember. They can even do some 'homework' by using ExploreIt! at home to preview attraction information before they visit.

It also supports multiple languages so everyone can benefit from its powerful features.

ExploreIt! has a powerful event feature that displays daily event times and locations. Simply touch an event to set an alarm that will ring a few minutes before the start time.

There is also a calendar feature to display information about future special events like shows, fundraisers, parties, and gatherings. Touching any calendar event brings up detailed information.

ExploreIt! helps facilities stay environmentally friendly by eliminating printed maps! For many guests, using ExploreIt! is easier than a map. Just select attractions, restrooms, shopping, or dining, and follow the arrows pointing to the closest ones.
Changing your map no longer requires expensive and time-consuming reprinting. Your online map can be viewed directly within ExploreIt!.
Locating Attractions is a snap!

ExploreIt! makes it easy to pinpoint the location of attractions, restrooms, dining, and shopping venues. Click on an attraction then click on your map. ExploreIt! places color coded squares with every click. Turning a grid square off is as simple as clicking again.

Since there are no physical objects, signs, or any other infrastructure requirements, you can update your locations in seconds right from your desktop computer.
Every aspect of the user interface is under your control. With ExploreIt! you can change the background color, font color, background image and even the titles displayed in the interface.

Making content for ExploreIt! is as easy as creating a PowerPoint with audio. The desktop application allows you to link each attraction to the corresponding PowerPoint file, and it does the rest!
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DOWNLOAD IT NOW! Download ExploreIt! from the Google Play Store or by scanning the QR code below.

Coming Soon: Our exclusive content management console that allows you to locate attractions on the map, and link them to PowerPoint content. ExploreIt! software includes free support, an excellent User Guide, and a satelite image of your facility to place your attractions.

No specialized hardware is required! Use an existing Windows desktop computer with a monitor that supports HD resolution (1920x1080).

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ExploreIt! is currently compatible with Android smart phones from the Google Play Store. Click the logo or scan the QR code below: